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The Mirror of Reason [SNOW] - Guild Prologue

guild-wars-mirror-of-reason-snow-cape This guild was formed from the fallen blooms of The Red Rose guild which was started in Guild Wars 1 on 27 October 2005 by Nymph of Meliai and Sir Luther Valdamor.
We decided to change guilds because ROSE was made on the European server at a time when guilds were fixed to area servers preventing access to Under World and Fissure of Woe. Unfortunately the only way at that time to transfer the guild completely to the American server was to start a new guild on the 26 March 2006.
Furthermore the guild at the time was heavily involved in GvG becoming a top 30 ranked guild by the summer of 2006 - with the majority of pvp players at the time based in America.

The name for the guild was chosen from the story by Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen. It was chosen for two reasons, firstly, we wanted to use the word SNOW as our reference to replace the word ROSE - nobody in GW at the time used the word SNOW while lots used Rose and at the time we were spending a lot of time in the Shiverpeaks with Mineral Springs being a favourite area of Nym. Secondly, the story not only refers to SNOW but has a small rhyme referring to Roses that gave good reference to the previous guild transforming. The Mirror of Reason is the home of the Snow Queen and she describes it as unique and special - the only one of its kind in the world...

What better name for a guild formerly known as The Red Rose that wanted to use the word SNOW.

The guild has undergone many transformations with regards to game play. In Guild Wars 2 our current strategy is PvX with a strong focus on WvW and Dungeons. We play on the Seafarer’s Rest server which is largely focussed around WvW play.
However, we accept that many people do not want to commit solely to WvW and thus our other focus is upon dungeons. We encourage people to partake in everything the game has to offer but more importantly to join us on our server, play alongside other members, form guild parties whenever possible, and represent the guild with pride.

Mirror of Reason's philosophy is not to take the game so seriously that it stops being fun, and we often have to remind ourselves of this on a regular basis. Guild Wars is a place SNOW aspires to constantly enjoy. However, members can sometimes forget this greater goal when focused too intensely on the moment. When overcoming a challenge becomes work rather than fun, it's time to step back and remember what's important.

SNOW aims to become well known for its active participants, fun-loving nature, and helpful members.
We think of ourselves as a good-cheer mafia: once you're in, you never really leave. New recruits must seek to be treated with respect, enjoy a good laugh, and be interested in trying out the variety of activities the game has to offer. Personality and activity are the two most important factors for SNOW.

I hope you enjoy your game play with us at The Mirror of Reason,


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