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Christmas Day photo Event HM

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Event Description:Christmas Day photo Event HM
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Sat 25 Dec 2010, 00:00
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Mon 20 Dec 2010, 00:03:

Post your Xmas Day photos here. Pressies being unwrapped. Xmas dinner. Drunk relatives. etc. Most of us will be off GW on Xmas day probably, so just a little event to let each other know how we celebrated :)

Sat 25 Dec 2010, 06:20:

5.45am [image=] 13.15 [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Sat 25 Dec 2010, 14:22:

Looks like the bear got a very nice present from Santa. Anyways, my pics: Our tree: [IMG][/IMG] My bird also has decorations: [IMG][/IMG] Our cousin's dog Marley: [IMG][/IMG] Our gerbil says hi: [IMG][/IMG] Our bird again: [IMG][/IMG] Presents; [IMG][/IMG] Dinner table: [IMG][/IMG] My mom is rpeparing mushrooms: [IMG][/IMG] (L to R) My mom, her boyfriend, my aunt and my nephew: [IMG][/IMG] My aunt's boyfriend: [IMG][/IMG] And this is what I got: [IMG][/IMG]

Sat 25 Dec 2010, 14:58:


Sat 25 Dec 2010, 20:17:

Meet Dave's cousin Jack, aka The Xmas Tree :D [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Sun 26 Dec 2010, 01:47:

Christmas day lunch time in sunny downtown Australia :) [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Sun 26 Dec 2010, 02:10:

Dave/Paula - Cute pics of the boys! I can't wait to hear how Thomas reacted to the bear. I take it that it was laying on the couch waiting for him when he came downstairs? Oh, and I love how they're both now walking advertisements for Samsung. ;) Nutty - Why is your nephew giving us the finger?! :o Mike - Damn you and your warm weather! Sadly, I won't have anything exciting to add for Christmas day since it mainly consisted of hanging out at my grandmother's assisted living apartment to keep her company. My grandma and dad played one mean game of cribbage though! However, perhaps I will add some pictures's a preview of what it'll be about... [image=] Yes, it's a gag gift from my aunt, but I was told I have to wear it tomorrow for good luck!

Sun 26 Dec 2010, 03:47:

[quote=Blood And Bones]Christmas day lunch time in sunny downtown Australia :) [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/quote] Mike Mike Mike ... lol Mu uncle called from NZ says hes just been sitting down in his pants with a beer in the heat just like you wile we freeze xD

Sun 26 Dec 2010, 03:53:

[img][/img] Okay i admit its not from Xmas Day but it was a wore as "dress up" for works xmas dress up day ... HARRY COOKER! Hahar :P This Below was me after the Xmas Dinner :P [IMG][/IMG] Tagline Has To Be: [b]Stick A Fork In Me Im Done![/b] Sleepy Sleep Sleep :D

Sun 26 Dec 2010, 10:25:

wow Mike you live in a really nice place. We still have not seen a photo of you yet though. I forgot my camera on xmas day which is a real pitty because the river was amazing to see - like something out of Alaska. Any case in contrast to Mike's photo, I managed to find someone who had posted a photo of the river at Newburn, which is only a couple of miles downstream from Wylam (where I spent xmas with my folks). [image=] I have seen the river Tyne frozen a couple of times but I think this is probably the worst I have seen it since that bad winter in the 70s. Nym

Tue 28 Dec 2010, 04:06:

So while these pictures aren't necessarily Christmas Day related - they were during a time of celebration at least. Celebrating the Green Bay Packers on December 26th of course!!! :) And ignore the ugly hair...I had a warm hat on (it was only about 20F degrees by the end of the game!) and only took it off for random pictures. [image=] Lambeau Field Atrium - hanging out at Curly's Pub before heading into the actual stadium. [image=] Me and Dad before the game started [image=] Aaron Rodgers showing off his cute butt! Or is the ref taking up more butt space? Hmmm... [image=] Of course up in Wisconsin you get a lot of drunks. Especially old drunk people that take off their shirts in freezing weather. [image=] PACKERS WIN! [video=youtube]RzfmthfQZAY[/video] I mainly took this video since Dave was curious if US sports had songs that fans sing. This one is called "Roll Out the Barrel" and is specifically considered a "Wisconsin Polka Song." Polka's popularity here has historical roots from Polish/German immigrants settling in Wisconsin back in the day. For a better version - ( [video=youtube]cBDGnLoX3Yo[/video] Fun times :)

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