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Event Description:DoASC
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Mon 30 Nov -0001, 00:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
Event Roles:
Tue 17 Aug 2010, 00:38:

I got the idea to make this event and see how much people here would like to join in on DoASC runs yes we have dwg but this is in HM and faster (if done right ofcourse) I dont expect that we will instantly hit good times or w/e lets try it out and see how far we get this builds has alot of information on it when compared to the ToA balanced builds we tried out last time as those had no information at all. So first I'd like to check how much people would be interested in learning this. (NOTE: Myself I had a few DoA training runs but not much and never actually made all 4 areas in DoAsc so don't expect me to know evrything :P) So here a few helpfull links: We will use the Shitterflames build and I'l try to get some modified builds fom Eisha when I catch him online. The reason for the shitterflames is because the ball doesn't has to be super tight as SF has a large range. Here the general DoASC guidelines this was posted before the SF nerf / change though and is 2 years old but this is some nice detailed guide to understand what the heck is going on :X NOW! Lets see who would be interested in this! leave a comment / sign up when you'r interested and we will find a date / time in which we can all participate.

Tue 17 Aug 2010, 02:54:

Weekends are best for me!

Tue 17 Aug 2010, 08:42:

I'll come as a tank :)

Tue 17 Aug 2010, 11:32:

I've put myself as mesmer but I can roll as a necro or monk if need be - although if I am going as monk I prefer the bonder roll because I am very rusty at monking Week nights are best for me but if you plan weekend then Saturday night is the only night I can make Nym

Tue 17 Aug 2010, 12:29:

any date, but not later than 8 pm BST

Tue 17 Aug 2010, 14:09:

Depends on date/time. Signed as monk can roll ele

Sun 22 Aug 2010, 10:59:

Hey just a note nij, the tanks for shitterflames do NOT work, as sliver is raped and they cant be done properly, i can show u the new bars someday, and as a choice for bonder, emo ele works gr8 and better, easier for the tanks aswell :P

Mon 23 Aug 2010, 01:35:

Meh Turning this event on non active for a while imah figure stuff out.

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