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Kiri's Going Away/Givaway

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Wed 2 Sep 2009, 06:11:

If u dont want to read the long sob story below, long story short- Free crap, saturday the 5th, at around 1 or 2 PM EST, to- whenever i get offline.. Items are first come first serve, and its nothing too special so dont get all worked up if i cant get it to u. Request for officers to guest invite my alternate accounts as a lot of my crap is stored on them- Will give u those names saturday. After much hard grinding work in gw, as a lot of u may know i have finally achieved GWAMM on my main charactor. Spending loads of money ive also been able to fully load my hall of monuments to the brim to the best of my ability, Currently i have enough ecto to buy the rest of the armbraces i need for my torm weaps and then i will be complete. Also- a lot of you may know i have been putting an enormouse ammount of effort into preparing myself for USMC Bootcamp and will be leaving september 21st.. I dont expect this guild to be lediant enough to allow me a 13 week absence for bootcamp, fallowing a 21 day marine combat training, without even knowing if i will be able to have enough spare time to pick GW back up. Anyways, I will be hosting somwhat of a giveaway/going away event in SNOW GH this Saturday, roughly from 2PM EST(when i wake up) - Till whenever i get drunk (few hours after waking up) **Grins** :D .. Anywho, during this period of time, i will ask an officer to guest my 2 alternate accounts and will be in GH and taking requests for items/announcing items i have to give away. Items will be first come first serve, and will welcome alliance members as well to join in. Also- Officers, i do not want to flood guild chat with items i have, but if noone seems to show up in GH, there might be a few things i throw in GC, just make sure i know when enough is enough. Items include= Semi decent req inscriptables(nothing entirely too special), Mods of all sorts, Dyes of all sorts, except black and white. Have a few cons i might be giving out- but dont have mass quantities including(4 leaf clovers, cupcakes, candy corns, candy corn tonics, candycorns, summon stones) Left over Tomes, elite or non elite, Materials (not to many of these), Dedicated crap white minis- if anyone even wants them. - im sure there are other things ill be trashing if not taken. Overall, SNOW is an excellent guild, with a reasonable alliance to go along. I wish the alliance would do more together as an alliance, rather than do their own things within the guild. Sure its nice to have an all SNOW team going off and doing somthing, but for the most part-- whats the point of the alliance when they barely seem to play together. The only times they get to gether is for SoO, UW, FoW, Froggy, but rarely see any vanquishing groups or pve in general gaming. just speed clears. I would have liked to done some DoA, but all i ever got as a reply was- u havent done it.. ur gonna screw up the group.. Anywho, this is the most active guild i have ever been in and has always been very laid back, going to miss u all, and perhaps when i come back from bootcamp and combat training i will have some spare time to play gw whilst going to my job school.. Will look forward to it if i can. Anywho- If u've read up untill now, reply with the word pickle, along with ur statement of participation. However= There is no need to reply in this event topic. just show up in GH or hollar at me in game:D no items will be shared untill saturday. Peace out all. Kiri No Shiji [SNOW]

Wed 2 Sep 2009, 10:48:

Pickle me timbers Kiri, I'll be sorry to see you go but i do wish you all the best :) I doubt whether I'll be online when you're doing your thing as it will be Father's Day here in sunny downtown Australia but if I get a spare moment I'll drop by and catch you before you leave. While I can't keep you in the guild while you're inactive for 16 weeks I can get you an invite to our SNOW Luxon guild where people keep their spare/storage/inactive accounts. Then when you return if you want to rejoin the main guild I'd be happy to welcome you back as I've found you to be a valuable social member of SNOW in the short time you've been here :)

Wed 2 Sep 2009, 11:52:

Bag-sie Brown Dyes! I mean, sorry to see you go mate :(

Thu 3 Sep 2009, 03:56:

have fun in bootcamp and grats on you GWAMM

Tue 8 Sep 2009, 19:44:

Glad it turned out how it did, Had lots of people turn up and i was as fair as i could be with my wears. I hope everyone got somthing they could use. Will miss you all:D Semper Fi

Wed 5 Sep 2018, 17:24:


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