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Officer Meeting

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Event Description:Officer Meeting
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Sun 15 Aug 2010, 21:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
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Mon 25 Jan 2010, 22:50:

[center]..............[b]Current Agenda[/b]..............[/center] [i]Any other suggestions for the agenda, please make a reply and we'll edit this post.[/i]

Mon 25 Jan 2010, 23:22:

Umm, the new theme is [b]Kveldulf[/b]! Jeez :P

Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:31:

Mine and Gemma's 2 Year anniversary is the 15th so im taking her out.... sorry <3

Thu 4 Feb 2010, 13:17:

As ToA have now merged with ToYs not sure what's to discuss for this item. As Cookie will not be at this meeting Facebook Group could be postponed until the next meeting unless Cookie you want to tell me what you wanted to say :D. Two points that do need adding is a review of the Blacklist requirements. And the topic Nym wants covered that of Bullying. BTW Canthan New Year Event is likely to be over the Valentines weekend, prior to this meeting so can we agree a dist to host and have volunteers to make the dishes at the relevant times(preferably 2 for each).

Thu 4 Feb 2010, 13:23:

I may be at this meeting, I may not, depending on what i have got to do. Might be going somewhere with Helen, but till 13-14th i won't know for definate Jase *de *pa

Thu 4 Feb 2010, 23:08:

How about we just move the meeting so Cookie can come? :x

Thu 4 Feb 2010, 23:46:

All I want to say on bullying is that there is a thin line between a bit of teasing and friendly banter and crossing over to something a bit nasty. I have had complaints from other members about bullying where the fun has crossed over into something a bit more personal. It was nothing to do with Ben but Ben's situation kind of highlighted some of my concerns. Basically, if it is a bit of harmless fun then there will be a bit of two way banter with lots of lol, lmao, rofl etc. included from both sides (but especially, from the person you are teasing). If you are getting silence, or concerned comments from the person then you have crossed over the line and need to make an apology. Secondly, this kind of teasing friendly banter is an occasional thing, not a nightly/daily/everytime they log on thing. You also need to think to yourself, am I really having a bit of fun with this person, or am I doing it for my own pleasure and don't really care about this person? Remember, there are people (especially, young people) who will go along with you calling them names and being nasty just because they think you are a cool officer and want to be able to boast a little that they are your friend. Taunting people who look up to you and want to be friends with you is a low and nasty thing to do. By all means have some fun and friendly banter - 99% of the time it is fun to watch in GC - but just be careful that you don't cross the line. The people who are still in the guild I get concerned about sometimes are mainly Goober and Satan. They are both up for a laugh, and I have never had complaints from them. But sometimes, I think the comments go a little too far - especially with Satan - and taunting him all the time non-stop is a little much, try and be friendly to him now and again without the taunts. I am especially concerned that some of the 'Ben factor' will move on to someone else now that he has left. Well that is all I had to say about the bullying tbh. Just stop and ask yourself now and again how you would feel in the other person's shoes. I don't want to stop fun but I want ppl to be aware that their fun might be hurting someone else. Just be prepared to apologise if things go a little too far. Nym

Sat 6 Feb 2010, 22:42:

Agenda * Inactivity, loss of members, things we can do to 'liven up' guild chat * Sara knows a few SC's maybe we can just learn a few ones that are more welcoming to a broad range of classes... I know this isn't a SC guild. However ppl in SNOW do enjoy the occiasional SC (we do FoWSC and Deep/Urgoz don't we? :) Also just a note, I will be highly inactive during the Cantha New Year, because I need 9 ring pts. So I won't be able to help with the items, sorry in advance!

Wed 17 Feb 2010, 21:00:

When is this going to happen? Next month?

Thu 18 Feb 2010, 12:50:

I like how this didn't happen. I'll move the date to 20th, I know its in 2 days time so I need replies if people cant make it!

Thu 18 Feb 2010, 14:20:

wont be there my workday

Thu 18 Feb 2010, 17:49:

This didn't hppen because I decided it wasn't worth it, as Nym and Cookie weren't available to discuss their agenda items. Moving it to the 20th won't help as Cookie won't be free to join the meeting until Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd depending on when Gemma departs.

Wed 14 Apr 2010, 13:59:

I am not going to be able to make tomorrow's meeting which is really bad of me but it is my official wedding anniversary (the day we tied the knot rather than the day we had a ceremony). The ceremony day we usually celebrate with our family and the official day we usually go out just the two of us. I don't really have anything to say at the meeting just that we need to recruit a European guild in the alliance to provide a bit of balance for those who play during the day and early evening (UK time). Other than that, I am quite happy with what I have seen of the alliance thus far. It takes a little time to get things settled but what I have seen has been positive - did a couple of things with YUM members the other day and we don't seem to have lost any members with the move and change from Luxon to kurzick which suggests we were probably right to move. Oh one last thing, I need some jadeite for nicholas - not sure I am going to be able to get it this week - if anyone lends me some then I will repay like for like after each deep run I do. Hopefully though will get on at least 2 deep runs this week. Nym

Thu 15 Apr 2010, 10:16:

I am relatively happy with the decision to leave ToA to YUM, that I have no issues with at all, also means i might be able to get my alliegence easier. However that isn't the reason why I am happy. As long as everyone in the guild is happy, I am happy. The only thing to this meeting I will have to add, like Nym has already said about the guild recruitment, but I guess that is a matter of keeping an eye out etc. I am at a get together tonight so will not be present most likely. Also going to sort out some eotn vq events in the coming weeks, only need them for lmotn, just need the motivation to do so >.< Jase

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