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ToPK Glaiveway for lolz HM

by Zara Zante, 0 of 0 players signed up since Wed 23 Feb 2011, 07:28
Event Description:ToPK Glaiveway for lolz HM
Game Type: Guild Wars
Event Date & Time:Mon 30 Nov -0001, 00:00
Event Vacancies:0/0
Event Roles:
Thu 24 Jun 2010, 22:44: should work shouldn't it :)

Thu 24 Jun 2010, 22:50:

...............blatantly ripped off from Luky's post........... but here are the builds. General outline of Glaiveway PvX wiki link Build outline 3/4x [build="DwG build";OAWiMwiMRs544NRKmKexZAsEA] This is the general Glaiver build (Template code is Rit primary, but you can run it as a secondary rit. You'll be fine if you can manage your energy) Primary rits take arcane echo and mantra of earth 1x [build=Imbagon;OQGjUumI6SBZWYxgXcAh9YpbnYA] Standard imbagon really, vital to the team though. 1x puller can be standard SoS or some build PvX wiki cooked up OQBTAUBPQiGw0xGc65izAgmMIA (never used it, so no clue) 1x [build=Minion Master;OABTUYDeUSOoKANYLUBsMwSwiD] Be an MM, that's all you need to do (this role can be switched to another Glaiver) 2x 1 UA and 1 HB. Heal stuff Optional Did a run with Leta the other day using a Soul Twisting Rit instead of the HB Monk. Worked like a charm [build=Soul Twisting Rit;OAKjYhgL5SYTWPPOhTQTQHDgOTA]

Fri 25 Jun 2010, 08:08:

If this is anything like the DoA GlaiveWay runs it's bound to be fun :)

Fri 25 Jun 2010, 10:13:

Edited your post to include the actual builds mate.

Fri 25 Jun 2010, 11:49:

Looks like the rit build contains 2 elites. Btw, I won't be able to make it, there's a formal dinner for the teachers and staff of the school I teached at for 4 months between november and march, and I'm invited.

Fri 25 Jun 2010, 13:56:

The 2nd elite is LB signet, But since all that stuff doesnt work i'd say something like this for the glaivers [build=OAWjMwiM5QEbLBOOeTpiiOmAsiA]

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