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Mon 5 Oct 2009, 02:11:

1. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave? nope 2. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played) about 2000hrs over 52 months 3. The IGN's and classes of all of your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding. ;) Beagle warrior (war, [is also my main char]) Invisible arrows (rang) Masked Mez (mes) hades little helper (sin) Hades deadly helper (derv) King of discharge (para) Dolorem memento (nec) Undercover Brothah (pvp char, currently war) 4. Which campaigns / expansions do you own and which characters have completed them? (Protector / Guardian titles) i owned all campaigns/ expansions beagle warrior has prot on all, and close to guardian on cantha. He has also complete EOTN in nm, about 1/2 way done in HM Hades little helper (cantha) Hades deadly helper (elona) Invisible arrows (prophecies) Masked mez (prophecies) Dolorem memento (eotn) 5. How many and which MAX titles do your characters have? beagle warrior has 7 ss, prot on all continents, canthan vqer, canthan carto, canthan skill hunter 6. Which titles are you working on at the moment? Elonian vqer/cartographer, LB, proph skill hunter, canthan guardian 7. Anything else you think we should know? Im looking to join [SNOW] because i have gotten tired of h/hing everything, and im looking for a good group of players to play with. ive played gw on and off for a bit over 4 years. I have done pretty much every area at least once. Also, just today i did a vq with 3 [SNOW] members. One of which was my friend Christophe Van Fray, which i know from a guild we were in together over the summer (hes actually the reason im applying to [SNOW] lol). the other two were archaic resolution and orinda of nimbral. Also due to my current schedule (busy with school and sports) i usually am not able to play daily, but i can get on every other day. thanks for reading, and i hope to hear from you soon :D

Mon 5 Oct 2009, 05:31:

A nice range of character classes but I see no mention of EotN even though you own all campaigns / expansions. One of our requirements for new members is that they own ALL campaigns / expansions and are able to play Hard Mode in each. [b]"2) You must have completed ALL of the 4 campaigns \ expansions in NM so you can play HM. The more characters you have that have completed ALL campaigns / expansions the better your chances of being invited to join [SNOW].'[/b] If you are able to do that I'd say YES to your application.

Mon 5 Oct 2009, 09:46:

Agree with bones he always says the right things :)

Mon 5 Oct 2009, 10:03:

Yes from me, I'm guessing if you're going for titles you'd already have EotN anyway :)

Mon 5 Oct 2009, 12:26:

sorry i forgot to mention about eotn. My main has completed it, along with my necro. I havent really started grinding for the rep titles yet so most of mine are around 5-6.

Mon 5 Oct 2009, 14:41:

Yes from me.

Wed 7 Oct 2009, 15:14:

PM an officer for a trial.

Thu 8 Oct 2009, 20:25:

Trialled by Nutty and invited :)

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