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damkel's Application

by damkel, 7 posts since Mon 24 Oct 2011, 10:34
Have you been a member of SNOW before?No
If 'yes', when and why did you leave?
Applicant made no comment
How long have you been playing GW for? [i](type /age in-game for hours played. Enter full amount of hours, without commas.)[/i]1857
What titles are you working on at the moment?
I am working on getting my elementalist to DoA. Also working on various faction titles for my mesmer and monk, namely asuran, ebon and sunspear.
Any in-game experience/skill that would improve your application?
I have extensive experience running the following builds: FoW; 100blades, EoE, T1, T2, UA. DoA; Imba, SoS, Soul Twisting, DwG. I do not have experience running DoA trenchway but have all the skills and ranks required for Mesmer and Elementalist.
Anything else that you'd like us to know?
I was previously a member of both ToA and LoD. Having taken a break from GW I would like to come back and rejoin the YUM alliance since I am familiar with it.
Mon 24 Oct 2011, 10:34:

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Mon 24 Oct 2011, 13:14:

1/4 Looks good to me.

Mon 24 Oct 2011, 13:57:

Looks good to me, but might be good to contact those 2 alli guilds. 2/4

Mon 24 Oct 2011, 16:15:

3/4 but I agree with Nutty. We'll need to check with the two other ally guilds just to make sure it's ok.

Mon 24 Oct 2011, 18:27:

4/4 what the other 2 before me said

Tue 25 Oct 2011, 22:03:

As ToA and LODX have raised no objections to this player I'm sending him an invite and welcome to SNOW :)

Wed 26 Oct 2011, 08:56:

Thank you all!! I look forward to being a productive member. See you in game.

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