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Dark Lord Nitemare's back!

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Mon 5 Jul 2010, 15:30:

1. Have you read and do you agree to play within our Guild Rules? Absolutely 2. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave? I was one of the original members of SNOW before it became a endgame HM guild, and I left when all my old friends like Olekung, Slurpy Ownage, etc. who were originally in the guild stopped playing-I would say I was in the guild for about a year at this point. Then I came back for a period of time well over a year long when the guild was under Endless Divination, and after saying my good byes, I wanted a change in scenery and joined SMS. I came back for another half a year or so afterwards I think until I took a break from the game a year ago. 3. Have you previously been in an Alliance in which SNOW was an Ally? If so, which Guild / Alliance and why did you leave? During that period of time when SNOW had its own alliance, I was in one of the smaller SNOW guilds inside of the alliance. I was also in The Arctic marauders at some point though I forgot if this was when TAM was in Snow alliance. 4. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played). 3423 hours over the past 58 months. 5. How regularly do you play? (Which days / hours per week) At least 4 hours a day daily 6 List the In-Game Names (IGN's) and classes of ALL your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding. Dark Lord Nitemare (ele) Dark lord of death (sin) Dark Lord Crusader (war) Dark Lady motis (necro) DarK lord purgatory (derv) Dark Lady of telum (paragon) 7. Which of these characters have completed any or all of the 4 campaigns \ expansions in Normal Mode? (Completed = Protector title) Dark Lord Nitemare has done everything (legendary guardian) Dark Lord Crusader, Telum, of Death have completed most campaigns and most of eotn. have most campains on rest just missing a NF of Eotn here and there 8. How many fully runed, skilled and equipped heroes does each character have? (26 maximum per character) dark Lord nitemare has them all cruasder and telum have necro ones 9. How many and which MAX titles does each of your characters have? Ele (9) 10. Which titles are you working on at the moment? Skill Hunter Legendary vanquisher 11. What can YOU do for SNOW? I am a versatile player having done most SC's and played the game for an extremely long time--I don't know how many of my old comrades are still in the guild but any can vouch for me as a valued member of the team. My elementalist is my main profession and with him, I can do literally everything that's ever been thought of (and some more stuff). I know about teamwork having even GvG'ed with SNOW back in the day. 12. Anything else you think we should know? I have really missed the incredible guild that SNOW is after all these years, and I've grown up in Guild Wars (and in real life) while SNOW has done the same it appears. I am guildless currently and SNOW was always the only guild I have truly ever been in.

Mon 5 Jul 2010, 16:40:

Yes 1/4

Mon 5 Jul 2010, 23:29:

I am happy to see dark back in SNOW. I still talk to him now and again and been on a few HM dungeons and missions with him already. Nym

Tue 6 Jul 2010, 12:42:

Yes from me 3/4. As Nym has already done HM dundeons and missions with him recently, I am happy to veto the trial.

Tue 6 Jul 2010, 21:30:


Wed 7 Jul 2010, 07:32:


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