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Fabio's Application

by Fabio, 12 posts since Sun 24 Oct 2010, 08:34
Have you been a member of SNOW before?No
If 'yes', when and why did you leave?
Applicant made no comment
How long have you been playing GW for? [i](type /age in-game for hours played. Enter full amount of hours, without commas.)[/i]2877
What titles are you working on at the moment?
all IOTN titles relevant to gw2
Any in-game experience/skill that would improve your application?
top 50 gvg xp
Anything else that you'd like us to know?
have working mic vent etc
Sun 24 Oct 2010, 08:34:

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Sun 24 Oct 2010, 11:44:

I am not sure about this application. There is clearly a lack of character development but I also feel that this applicant has things to offer the guild and is not without experience. I will give a hesitant 'yes' on condition of a trial. Nym

Sun 24 Oct 2010, 12:05:

Fabio you haven't really given us much information to form an opinion on. What are you hoping to get from joining SNOW, what are you current aims in the gw, are you hoping to gain more pve experience? I'm with Nym on this I'll also give a yes dependent on the trial. 2/4

Sun 24 Oct 2010, 14:16:

Based off the little information you've given us I'm going to have to say no for now. Although, my answer is likely to change if you provide us with a bit more information.

Sun 24 Oct 2010, 22:59:


Mon 25 Oct 2010, 07:27:

No from me, too :(

Mon 25 Oct 2010, 11:19:

there is another thread which nutty has replied to. I will copy it here: Hello, my game name is fabio longshank nad i am looking to join a mature guild that is working towards GW2. i have played 2875 hours over the past 52 months. I have mostly played high end GvG (top 50) however i have two heros that have completed all 4 camps and can play hard mode. i have all PvP skills and items/equip unlocked and currently have hero rank 7 glad rank 4 and a few pve titles along the way. I hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks! ----- It is based on this post that I have given a hesitant 'yes' - If based purely on pve then the answer would be 'no' because of lack of character development. However, the guild seems to be doing gvg several times a day at the moment and this person would help you win - and in return we could help them develop their pve game. So I can see this person has a lot of value to the guild at the moment. The pvp experience is not going to be too far removed from doing pve. However, after checking their hom - I am concerned if they have completed the campaigns - i.e. can they do HM pve? Hence, my answer is dependent upon their ability to be able to complete a trial (no HM = no ability to complete a trial) Nym

Mon 25 Oct 2010, 13:35:

Aside from the obvious fact that this applicant has come here for [i]PvE titles[/i], we're only doing PvP when there is a bounty on - its not about winning, its about having found an easy way to get z-keys, which just happened to be PvP-based.

Mon 25 Oct 2010, 23:25:

That is half right, half wrong jon. There are some people who want to use it as a farm and there are some people who want serious gvg.

Tue 26 Oct 2010, 10:01:

Thanks for taking the time to read my apps guys, i think i have alot to offer the guild given taht it seems a trial is the best way to prove my worth so i have added you all and will actively seek you! Thanks again.

Tue 26 Oct 2010, 21:47:

After thinking over some stuff I figured why not give the guy a try. I'll make this 4/4, PM one of us for a trial.

Thu 28 Oct 2010, 09:44:

Trialled and failed and decided to stay pvp.

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