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Sun 7 Mar 2010, 20:39:

about me: i am 17 years old student of journalism from Czech Republic in Europe you can find me in Facebook and Xfire!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1445803610 about my English-i must say,it Isn't perfect i have got all campaigns In-game age:across all characters, i have played for 1477 hours over the past 38 months-i know it Isn't much.i have a 8 months break IGN: Forest Monk Cz *mo Forest Hunter Cz *ra Holy Warrior Cze *wa Forest Mo Pvp *mo Aranel Cz *as Forest Cz *el Forest Rt Cz *ri I play everyday 2-5 hours. In weekend it is about more hours per day My GMT is "01:24:52 Saturday March 6, 2010 in Europe/Prague converts to 18:24:52 Friday March 5, 2010 in US/Central" About Characters: Forest monk Cz this is my main char he has got obsidian armor and 11 titles is my favorite character.all campaigns the moment i work on drunkard and guardian of Elona title Forest hunter Cz really enjoy playing for ranger.i created this char a week ago so i working on campaigns Forest Mo Pvp-my Storage char Forest Cz-pre-searing char.lvl 9 other characters are level 20 and they in campaign progress. about my pvp skill: I have 415,310 Balthazar points allegiance faction points: 57 000 Kurzicks points 431 000 Luxons points What can I do for [SNOW]? I want people that can help me with my titles and other things like improve my game skill. i haven´t got any problem with help anyone who need it. Have I read and do I agree to play within SNOW Guild Rules? Yes, of course.

Sun 7 Mar 2010, 20:59:

Good char diversity, I'll say yes. 1/4

Sun 7 Mar 2010, 21:57:

Agreeeeeeeeeed 2/4

Mon 8 Mar 2010, 16:21:

Yes 3/4

Mon 8 Mar 2010, 17:56:

yes from me, thats 4, pm an officer for your trial

Mon 8 Mar 2010, 18:46:

yes from me as well, you don't need it as you have 4 but hey :) Good luck, and all the best for the trial Jase *de *pa

Mon 8 Mar 2010, 19:07:

ty :)

Wed 10 Mar 2010, 19:10:

Invited + Locked

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