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Mon 28 Sep 2009, 15:44:

I have never been a member of snow but I have heard a lot about it and nothing but good thing. I have been playing guild wars for 1,475 hours and 27minutes over the past 16 months. *ri Nammu Tyche 3/max titles almost 4 *wa Zaya Xandia 2/max titles *as Sia Yami 4/max titles *ne Necro Mastema vetis 1/max title I have beat every game. with protecter I am working on getting rank 3 survior for my warrior atm and getting guardian of cantha on my rit i am 10/13 atm and vq of cantha which i am 20/33 on my necro im am working on maxing ss lb.SS is at rank9 lb is at rank 6. Well i can tell you what i can bring to your guild. I can bring a very elite player with exp in the game and very active who likes to have fun. I know every every mission/bonus and every dungeon to the t. I have runed out heros. Discored and Sabway but i also have other heros i use. I have all the skills in the game so if you need me to run a build i can. I run Gate of Madness and HM dungeons i can also run all eotn titles and ss lb points. I know Uwsc exp all area Fowsc exp all area Doa SoOsc can do both a/p and a/mo. I think i would fit in goo dand make friends with everyone in snow.:) oh and im also making a monk very soon so i will have one for hm missions and dungeons ex.

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 15:53:

sounds good, yes from me

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 15:54:

He also has Vent.... Yeah From Moi <3

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 15:55:

Yes from me, but may want to create some other proffesions for more Character diversity.

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 15:58:


Mon 28 Sep 2009, 16:02:

I say ...yes:)

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 16:04:

Pm an officer or me INgame for Trail <3

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 16:14:

sounds just like the kind of player we look for

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 19:13:

and a Yes from the Lamighty Nigel aswell:) LMAO

Mon 28 Sep 2009, 20:43:


Mon 28 Sep 2009, 23:50:

Yes from me as well :)

Tue 29 Sep 2009, 00:01:

Did you PM Any1 for a trail?

Wed 7 Oct 2009, 20:06:


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