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Sun 23 Aug 2009, 18:33:

1) All new / prospective members must read the Guild Rules and Alliance Rules and agree to follow them. 2) You must have completed ALL of the 4 campaigns \ expansions in NM so they can play HM. The more characters you have that have completed ALL campaigns / expansions the better your chances of being invited to join [SNOW]. 3) You must play regularly. Most of our members play daily. Inactive members are kicked after 1-2 weeks of unexplained inactivity to make room for more active members. 4) You must group. The idea of being in a guild is to socialise and make friends not play the game by yourself. When someone is forming a HM group you must be prepared to put aside the solo farming and help (you will probably make more money helping). Even if you've already done what they are doing. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ok got all that 1. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave? Nope 2. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played) lets see.. 51months 3. The IGN's and classes of all of your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding. Lead Archer -- Ranger L E A D -- Monk For The Shorteez -- Paragon Break You In Half -- Warrior Tigger Dont Eat Me -- Monk Little Griffy -- Necromancer (DELETED) Brechnars Neice -- Elementalist (Deleted) Dont Lose Fool Mesmer(PvP) Lead Zaishen Ranger(PvP) 4. Which campaigns / expansions do you own and which characters have completed them? (Protector / Guardian titles) So like 3 or 4 of my guts got all of emm beaten working on my new guy L E A D for a Gwamm 5. How many and which MAX titles do your characters have? Like protector/guardians mapping titles i think my Paragon had 9maxed but then I decided i didn't like him my new monk that im working on is at 2 now 6. Which titles are you working on at the moment? Protector/Guardian of all games for my monk 7. Anything else you think we should know? no

Sun 23 Aug 2009, 18:40:

Can u post a list of all characters with what campaigns they have beaten? (saying 3-4 did doesnt say which ones did^^)

Sun 23 Aug 2009, 18:44:

Working towards guardian titles would be ideal for this guild, but I'd rly like to see you play - any ideal time for you to set aside a few hours for a VQ?

Sun 23 Aug 2009, 18:46:

My question has been cleared by L Y O N O, who seems to know Lead well. If he can prove himself in a vq with Jon or someone else, I give the green light :-)

Sun 23 Aug 2009, 18:46:

L E A D - beaten prohpecies half of eotn and half of nightfall should beaten everything in a week or so Lead Archer - beaten all (none yet for hm) For The Shorteez - beaten all(Legendary Guardian) Break You In Half -Prophecies and Factions (NM) Tigger Dont Eat Me -Beaten all on NM

Sun 23 Aug 2009, 18:49:

dunno if i can vanq today i mean like a small vanq maybe but like dunno cause gotta go a few hrs

Sun 23 Aug 2009, 23:08:

Having a Monk, Paragon and Ranger able to do all areas in HM is useful although the Paragon and Ranger classes don't get a lot of love in the present Alliance groups (Assassins and Mesmers most used atm). I'm wondering why you have 2 monks and why you deleted your Ele and Necro?

Mon 24 Aug 2009, 01:26:

Did a quick 60 foe VQ with L E A D as a solo monk in a party of 6, was good. Invited.

Mon 24 Aug 2009, 07:38:

Tought I better post my reply. Discussed this applicant with Jon on vent yday and agreed to the application if he proved himself in a VQ with Jon.

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