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Wed 30 Sep 2009, 22:11:

I have not been a Previous Member. Hours PLayed: 3,254 hours over 45 months Chars: Lips Of Decite Lvl 20 Monk. Lips Of Chaos Lvl 20 Sin. Lips Of Illusion Lvl 20 Mesmer. Lips Of Deception Lvl War. Crimson Mortal Lvl Ele. Tainted Mortal Lvl 20 Derv. Born Of Vengeance Lvl 20 Necro. Goddess Bound Lvl 20 Rit. Patriot Angel Lvl 5 Para. I have all the Campaings and Expansions. HM Acsessable by all Char Except for the Para (For obvious Reasons) I only have 7 maxed titles. All on my monk. Slayer of All. Legendary Delver. Legendary Spearmarshal. Holy Light Bringer. Protector of Tyria, Elona and Cantha. I'm not currently working on any titles. Just mostly farming trying to build up the gold. I'm always around to help and will usually drop anything to help out where I can. I get along with almost anyone. ^-^ P.S. SPREAD THE LOVE!

Wed 30 Sep 2009, 22:23:

Yes from me.

Wed 30 Sep 2009, 22:24:


Wed 30 Sep 2009, 22:51:

[quote=Lips]I'm not currently working on any titles. Just mostly farming trying to build up the gold.[/quote] I have to say no... being a HM title hunting guild we don't need any more solo farmers. While there is a good range of characters, only one is developed to any extent. Having only once character with ANY max title isn't s good thing IMO. It's pretty easy to get Protector with any class in NM on any campaign.

Wed 30 Sep 2009, 22:57:

I'm just not Currently working on any, I do have lots that I want to get. and Have no problem working towards them.

Wed 30 Sep 2009, 23:05:

Mick (bones) Makes a prett good point, it seems you are going to use SNOW as a entry point in to SCAR teams and make us seem like a stepping stone. We are mainly a HM guild that enjoys balanced not SC. This may not be the guild for you i am afraid :( Smars says "Not for now sorry"

Wed 30 Sep 2009, 23:30:

Lips is a good friend of mine, and I can more than vouch for his experience, etc. He's applying for the guild on my recommendation, because I feel he would be a good addition, not to use SNOW as a stepping stone to SCAR. And he will more than likely be my HM title grinding partner as is anyway. Just throwin all that out there. Thanks

Thu 1 Oct 2009, 13:50:

Ill Say yes depening on Trail...

Thu 1 Oct 2009, 15:42:

agree with cookie... yes depending on trial run

Thu 1 Oct 2009, 18:27:

Contact one of us officers in game for a trial (mememe)

Thu 1 Oct 2009, 19:20:

I like the fact that they are vouched but we don't need farmers - we are an HM guild - so people working on titles is more important If we have plenty of space then I am willing to say 'yes' on the grounds that they are vouched for by another member. However, I would expect them to take part in groups and not farm all the time (you actually make a lot of gold doing that and have more fun making it). However, I am concerned about the farming element - I will give them the chance to reply and speak about what they want from SNOW and what they can bring to us - otherwise, it is an invite on the grounds that if we need space they are first to go if they are not partaking in SNOW groups. Also they must realise that if they join SNOW then they cannot join any of the other guilds in the alliance - guild hopping is prohibited - and if we accept this application it must be made clear that we will not make an exception if the SCAR leader talks to us about any possible hopping. - If you join us then you can forget about joining any of our allies. Nym

Fri 2 Oct 2009, 02:31:

Oh nonono I'm not going to guild hop, and I love to do group things, It's just rare to find a group doing things together. Let alone a guild that accualy does things together. I never said I was a farmer, I just said I was trying to increase my gold. I only farm cause it keeps me playing when theres nothing to do. I really couldn't care less about it. Trust me any groups that I can join/help out I'll be there(Granted that I'm online at the time.)

Fri 2 Oct 2009, 08:24:

Reminds me of myself before I joined SNOW. Cuz I couldnt get any decent groups in my prev guild/alliance (apart from Light of the WOlf, who's with us now), I did everything alone. Then Endless came along, and here I am guys, stuck in the middle with you :X

Fri 2 Oct 2009, 10:43:

Contact one of the officers in-game for a trial

Wed 7 Oct 2009, 20:03:

invited locked

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