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Sun 6 Sep 2009, 21:37:

1. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave? I have never been a member of SNOW before. 2. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played) I've played 2183h over the past 51 months 3. The IGN's and classes of all of your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding. *el Lkkre Chick (main) *ne Holly Ghost *as Bekodie Q *mo Juffrouw Toos *ri Zilver Westervoort (mule) and got a pre-char (*el) and 2 other non-lvl 20 mules (*wa,*pa) 4. Which campaigns / expansions do you own and which characters have completed them? (Protector / Guardian titles) I own all campains and expensions. My main has completed all of them, hm and nm. My necro has almost completed proph (atm at THK) and isnt near completion any of the others. My sin has completed EotN and Factions and is not near completion of any of the others. My monk is 2/3 through EotN and not near completion of any of the others. My rit is halfway through Factions and Proph and isn't near completion of any of the others. My pre-char is lvl 13. One of my mules has almost completed Proph. The other is not worth mentioning (even though I'm trying to make it an imba). 5. How many and which MAX titles do your characters have? Only my main has titles maxed, 16 in total, near 19: -Leg Skill Hunter -Leg Guardian -Leg Spearmarshal -Leg Delver -Holy Lightbringer -Slayer of All -Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer 6. Which titles are you working on at the moment? On my main: -Leg Master of the North -Not Too Shabby -Canthan Vanquisher On my sin: -Protector of Cantha (need 1 more) 7. Anything else you think we should know? I play Guild Wars for fun. I would love to finish some titles but I can't be bothered to do hm dungeons or vq's on my own. I like to do/learn elite area's and am willing to do them SC-style or normalway (just not h/h...). I've got some exp in UW (SC and solo with ele and necro, but it has been awhile), FoW (normal, phys), Tombs (oldskool and duo with my brother), Sorrow's Furnace (just done it once with my brother and heroes), DoA (dunno what ways, but I'm still missing one area....), did I forget any? I have no exp in The Deep and Urgoz's Warren, but would like to do those sometime. Oh, I've completed Slaver's twice (normalway and cryway). I've got one friend that does play actively (a few other don't play regularly and my brother quit and moved on to runescape...:S) and with who I did a lot of missions, dungeons and vq's. Even íf I am allowed to join SNOW, I would like to still play with him. Ehm, can't think of anything else to tell you, just ask. Oh, ye, I don't like the song in your recruitment video :P -edit- I thought of something to tell you: I've got a secondary account which has 6-7 lvl 20's and completed all campains (I think). A few of these guys I could also use in a Guild or Alliance group. Oh, and I just started doing Zaishen quests because I felt like needing an everlasting crate.. So I'm up for those too (only missions and bounty's though).

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 00:37:

my vote is yes

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 01:29:

I vote no. Hes only got 4 level 20 characters and hasn't done much on any of them except his main, i.e. not very good character diversity.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 01:49:

Its a no from me too, judging by the number of completed campaigns on each character. The number of chars on the account doesn't bother me, its just that it would be beneficial to guild groups if your characters had all completed the campaigns in at least normal mode.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 04:13:

While it's a thorough, well presented application I'd have to say no at this time also as there's only 1 character able to play in all areas.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 08:52:

If my vote is anything to go by, i'll also have to give the opinion of no this time, the diversity of characters are alright don't get me wrong but in purposes of the guild groups and my new hide and seek event, itll be hard without the majority of the outposts (both mission and noraml) regards

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 09:23:

I'm going to agree with Nym and say yes as he has asid he is working on his other chars to get them through the other campaigns and with some help from us who are also working other new chars thru these campaigns could complete them quite quickly. He also has experience of all elite areas apart from Deep and Urgoz.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 09:23:

I agree with others that the character diversity isnt as good as it could be. Ally groups and guild groups need a player to run a variety of builds. Therefore if i have any say, for now its a no from me. Smars~

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 15:35:

My vote is yes, after a discussion with a few guildies and Darthius himself. reason: if we only accept GWAMMs and R5's ect and people who have completed everything already, then theres nothing to do for that person.. there needs to be a degree of incompletness to keep SNOW running, or it turns into SCAR.. nuff said. (note: this isn't attack against SCAR in anyway, i mean in terms of all there is for this person to do is repeting SC's and dungeons, which lets face it, isn't what SNOW is aimed at in the slightest, as weve already agree'd on this at the officer meeting)

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 16:55:

Looks like I'm giving you guys a hard time :P I could give you some extra information about me to perhaps make the decision to accept me in the guild or not a bit easier. I would like to share some information about me and dungeons and one of my previous guilds/alliance. With my monk I used to play 600/smite and did a lot of CoF runs. Then I wanted to try something else so I started learning Kathy. This went ok, but it still took me too long, so the players I brought with me got bored and left. Because of this I never got further than lvl 2 of the dungeon. With my ele/main I did do a lot of Kathy runs, but then as a cryer. I also ran to the dungeon with my sin for some guildies. With my ele I also did about 10 Frog scepter runs, as a cryer again. I tried this as a sin a few times aswel. With my ele/main I also did all of the other dungeons (except Frostmaw) a few times, mostly cryway, but also balanced. I did all of these dungeon runs and most of the elite area's from my first post when I was in GoDT. This was my first 'elite' PvE guild (that's what they called themselves) and at that time in an alliance with SCAR. Even though the guild officers didn't really like SCAR, I had no problem with them and also did some good runs with them when they needed ppl (mostly frog runs and uwsc). Don't think the ppl from SCAR remember me though ^^. But after I've been in GoDT for a few months, the guild got some problems, internal and with the alliance. This cost the guild a lot of officers who've been in GoDT for years and eventually the alliance also fell apart. At this time I left and searched for another guild that I liked, but didn't really find what I was looking for. Then there was holiday and I took a break for a few weeks to go to Curaçao and now I'm back and looking again for a guild where I can do elite area's, dungeons, vq's, learn new stuff and just have fun. I hope SNOW is that guild :) Maybe this little story about myself will make you want me in SNOW, maybe now you really don't want me anymore, but still, I thought you should know and hope I get accepted :) BTW, from today on I will work even harder to get all of my chars through all campains. If you think that's what I need to do.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 19:05:

General Point, More character Diversity is a great benefit in any guild, SNOW tries to do balanced way events as often as we can so its nice to be able to chop and change according to what the team needs or what you need. as void and darth seem to have pointed out, we dnt wanna accept GWAMMS as thats just boring lol :)... you will find that SNOW members (or most of) have up to 3 main chars, personally i have a Ranger Monk and Rit with lots of other chars able to reach all / most outpost etc, also SNOW has members working up titles and grinding titles ( always goes faster in a team <3) which allows them to improve themselves there guild members and the Guild itself. we are not all about titles but experience is what we like and were we can thrive in (as were all wiki noobs really.. its our bible :P) So From Me I Say "Yes"

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 19:19:

Are you active on ventrilo?

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 19:25:

I give it a yes.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 21:09:

looking at the later points added by officers i think i was to hasty in my decision and if it is any concolation i would change my vote to a yes, because we are all here to have fun and learn at the end of the day, as a guild i think the only way forward is to see what skills and traits other people can bring to SNOW to make it better than what it already is hope that makes any sense

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 21:19:

[quote=Jon]Are you active on ventrilo?[/quote] I do have ventrilo but I don't use it unless it's needed for some kind of run/vq. Thanks for all the extra yes's :) Also an update on my sin: I'm halfway through Elona and got prot of cantha.

Mon 7 Sep 2009, 22:31:

I agree with cookie GWAMM = boring XD Anyways i see the points that have been raised as relevant but the char diversity could be better imo still. But anywho ill go with the flow. Yes from me. Smars~

Tue 8 Sep 2009, 19:29:

my vote is yes.. as was stated we dont need all gwamm we have to teach some people things and give people a chance to "grow"inside Snow. meaning: give them the chance to build up there diversity in char play. so i dont see a problem of having you here.. unless your stuck on 1 char.. we prolly need to reconsider.. but thus far.. YES

Tue 8 Sep 2009, 19:32:

I would like to see more char diversity, but coming here is a good way to get it. I believe he could be an asset, give him a chance, my vote is yes.

Tue 8 Sep 2009, 19:39:

Ok Lkkre you have 8 yes's from officers, so if you pm me in game when you're next online and I'll take to you on a trial run. Hell's Precipice is today's Z mission so we can do that one.

Tue 8 Sep 2009, 20:41:

I'll pm you tomorrow, cause I can't play anymore for today.

Wed 9 Sep 2009, 20:54:

Ok ran a trial with Lkkre, good heroes and build led the whole way no over aggro. Invite sent.

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