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Mandorin's Application

by Mandorin, 6 posts since Mon 2 Aug 2010, 21:02
Have you been a member of SNOW before?No
If 'yes', when and why did you leave?
Applicant made no comment
How long have you been playing GW for? [i](type /age in-game for hours played. Enter full amount of hours, without commas.)[/i]1345
What titles are you working on at the moment?
ATM I'm focusing on maxing my Deld, Vang, Asuran and Norn titles on my Rt aswell as vanquishing with the same character. Once I've done this my ambition is to return to my Para and gain legendary guardian, I have kind of neglected him since I started playing again :P.
Any in-game experience/skill that would improve your application?
I've been playing since the beta in 2005 and as you can see I'm not the "fastest" player. I focus on having fun, which has meant for me to come up with team builds for several elite areas such as the Yellow Way for FoW (dunno how much attention this team build got). I've never focused on maxing my titles or getting the best gear, I focus on having fun in groups and help my fellow guildies out. I've got a good understanding for the game mechanics.
Anything else that you'd like us to know?
I'm not the usual "hardcore" player; I do not find joy in farming or maxing titles (grinding), and I've not spent much time on completing compaigns. I do however love to play elite areas with other people and collaborate on new team builds. I'm a helpful guy who spends much of his online time aiding friends with their goals (in GW that is ;) ).
Mon 2 Aug 2010, 21:02:

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Mon 2 Aug 2010, 21:47:

Yes from me. 1/4

Mon 2 Aug 2010, 22:29:

Ill say yes as well, it also gives me a reason to A play more aha, and B i need my necromancer to look awsome, and perhaps get money for my last fow piece.

Tue 3 Aug 2010, 01:14:

Yes. What's nice about this Alliance is that there's a little bit for everyone - there's usually people always forming for SC, PvE, PvP, etc. :) 3/4

Tue 3 Aug 2010, 09:36:

Yes from me. 4/4 PM any officer for a trial :)

Tue 3 Aug 2010, 22:00:

Trailed and Invited. Thanks Kim :)

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