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Fri 5 Aug 2011, 20:54:

[color=white][b]1. Have you read and do you agree to play within our Guild Rules?[/b][/color] [*]yep! [color=white][b]2. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave?[/b] [/color] [*]nada; i have yet to be in the guild [color=white][b]3. Have you previously been in an Alliance in which SNOW was an Ally? If so, which Guild / Alliance and why did you leave?[/b] [/color] [*]Yea. I was in ectos for a little while, but it was super inactive so I left [color=white][b]4. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played).[/b] [/color] [*]2,078 hours [color=white][b]5. How regularly do you play? (Which days / hours per week)[/b] [/color] [*]during summer break, it's usually a couple hours here and there (EST) from 12pm to 2am every day [*]during school, it's probably an hour or two a day from 3pm-10pm during weekdays, and obviously more on the weekends. [color=white][b]6. List the In-Game Names (IGN's) and classes of ALL your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding.[/b] [/color] --PvE [*]Gairon Bronzefist(wtb name change QQ) - War *wa [*]Jai Uchiha - Sin *as [*]Takiro Whisperblade - Sin *as [*]X I Will Smite U X - Monk *mo [*]Hrentar Swiftscythe - Derv *de --PvP [*]Misss Mango - Mesmer *me [*]Lord of The Asura - Ele *el [color=white][b]7. Which of these characters have completed any or all of the 4 campaigns \ expansions in Normal Mode? (Completed = Protector title)[/b] [/color] [*]So far, only my warrior has [i]completed[/i] all four campaigns so far. My first sin (jai uchiha) has beaten factions, but doesn't have the protector title. The same applies for my derv and nightfall. I'd be more than willing though to help out on nm/hm mishes with other people or do em in groups to get more titles done! o: [color=white][b]8. How many fully runed, skilled and equipped heroes does each character have? (26 maximum per character)[/b] [/color] [*]Again, my warrior has most all of the heroes equipped to the max. All the other characters have most of the heroes, but they're just not runed yet. Can get em runed and equipped if need be. [color=white][b]9. How many and which MAX titles does each of your characters have?[/b] [/color] [*]Warrior - 20 (Prot, Guardian, Vanquisher, EoTN Titles, Consumables, SS) [*]All others - 0 [color=white][b]10. Which titles are you working on at the moment?[/b] [/color] [*]I'm hoping to get gwamm on my warrior, then possibly move on to my other characters; at the moment I'm attempting legendary skill hunter, cartographer, and LB for my war to get 30/30, then from there, I have no clue. Probably a random assortment of titles on various chars. [color=white][b]11. What can YOU do for SNOW?[/b] [/color] [*]Be a productive and positive member that can help anyone with anything whenever I'm not busy, be a good example and stay appropriate in GC or AC or whomever I'm talking to, and be a friend to anyone who so desires ;o [color=white][b]12. Anything else you think we should know?[/b][/color] [*]Nope, I think that's it Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read through! ^_^

Fri 5 Aug 2011, 21:10:

It['s a yes from me 1/4, and as Mango has been in Ectos, I am happy to veto any need for a trial.

Fri 5 Aug 2011, 21:25:

2/4 :) tell ur ecto friends to come here! XD

Fri 5 Aug 2011, 21:28:


Fri 5 Aug 2011, 21:33:

4/4 welcome !

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