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Sat 6 Mar 2010, 20:20:

About me: I am 18. I study IT technologies and my English isn't bad. Where are you from: I am from Czech Republic /Europe. I have all campaigns. In-game Age: Across all characters, I have played for 3,230 hours over the past 44 months. IGN: *mo Blessed Pau *ri Paulie Thrynatt How often do I play and during what time/days? What is my timezone? I play everyday 3-6 hours. In weekend it is about more hours per day (depends on the mood). My GMT is "01:24:52 Saturday March 6, 2010 in Europe/Prague converts to 18:24:52 Friday March 5, 2010 in US/Central" About Characters: Blessed Pau: This is my main character because I got hacked during Christmas 09 and that f****r delete all my characters.She's got all campaigns completed. Paulie Thrynatt: character just for UW duo farm with my friend Tomus. Character have been created since 1st February 2010 About my PVP skill: I have 1,150,000 Balthazar points. I have full unlock of skills in PvP. Allegiance faction points: 160,000 Kurzicks Points 1,600,000 Luxons Points What can I do for [SNOW]? I am looking for people to help me with my titles and looking for friendly, respectful and skilled peoples in guild. I can help anyone who needs my help. Have I read and do I agree to play within SNOW Guild Rules? Yes, of course.

Sat 6 Mar 2010, 20:39:

Sorry to hear you account got hacked at Christmas, guessing this why you don't have many chars atm, as you've been working on getting two up to scratch. Do you have any plans on recreating some more chars? I'm going so say yes, normally I'd say No due to a lack of char diversity, but given the circumstances I'm willing to give you chance. We'll need to see how the other officers feel. 1/4

Sat 6 Mar 2010, 21:23:

Currently I have created my new Necromancer, Warrior, Elementalist and Sin but I need time to grow that char's up :)

Sat 6 Mar 2010, 21:42:

Yes from me. Sucks that you got hacked, mate. 2/4

Sat 6 Mar 2010, 21:52:

yep ^^

Sat 6 Mar 2010, 22:21:

Hacked Smacked Wacked whatever your still better than goober :P You in with me Yes. Get your trial pms flying

Sun 7 Mar 2010, 10:44:

Ill say yes as well, I know how annoying that can get, I got my XBL hacked a few years back. So I'll say yes because it isn't your fault your characters got wiped :) 3/4 for trial Jase *de *pa

Sun 7 Mar 2010, 11:53:

Trialled and Invited

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