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Phlogiston's Application

by Phlogiston, 9 posts since Mon 13 Jun 2011, 17:08
Have you been a member of SNOW before?No
If 'yes', when and why did you leave?
Applicant made no comment
How long have you been playing GW for? [i](type /age in-game for hours played. Enter full amount of hours, without commas.)[/i]3375
What titles are you working on at the moment?
on Eleven O Clock: Legendary Guardian, Vanquishers, Exploration and Drunkard. on Divi War: no PvE titles atm on Div on Amnesia: survivor title track on Div the Bohemian: nothing i wanted a female monk
Any in-game experience/skill that would improve your application?
Played over 3 years. Then quit for 1 year. Played PvE, soft PvP (AB, RA, TA) and later the more hardcore forms of PvP (HA, GvG). Always was most interested in PvP, and the "rank" system. Tigersblood!!! Now i came back, and i wanna jump back into PvE.
Anything else that you'd like us to know?
I know Tinch. I know u guys from Tinch. I deleted 2 of my pve accounts when i quit. Im back for 1 day now, so didnt really get them back yet. I hope to be doing soms cool runs with u soon. Solo farming = boring. LF to the tryout, Sincerely, Phlogiston (Divi; Hugo; w/e u wanna call me)
Mon 13 Jun 2011, 17:08:

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Mon 13 Jun 2011, 22:55:

:) would love to see you have more chars to play with..wide range that you can use for sc and runs we this stage i cant give you a def vote..see what the other officers say

Mon 13 Jun 2011, 22:57:

I'll go ahead and 1/4 this. Would like to see some character development though(I know you said you deleted some, so just work on it if you can). Edit: When you said you deleted 2 accounts, I assume you meant characters right? :p Also since you've only just come back, it might be worth playing a little to make sure that you're going to stay with the game and with us for a while if you were to be accepted. Just a suggestion :)

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 00:32:

I will go ahead and say 2/4 on some conditions: One, that you can prove to us in your trial that you know basic pve strategies of whatever mission or task we give you. Two, that you work on some other pve char so that you can join in on our runs. One char is just not that much fun when we're always asking people to reroll to diff positions to make the party fill up faster. Like Deesturbed mentioned, you may want to play some pve for the next couple of days first to get your feel for the meta game, etc. But if you're willing to do those things, I'm willing to give you a chance. :)

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 06:51:

3/4 I'm willing to give you a chance but agree with Dee and Hitomi :)

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 07:15:

I will give you 4/4 the most important thing is that you can play HM. If you can't do that then there is no need to join the guild. You need to get a necro, mesmer, elementalist, ritualist, and assassin to Temple of Ages and through eye of the north. You need to get a ritualist, mesmer, elementalist and a sin through the Nightfall campaign. These are in addition to your monk. pm an officer for a trial (but try not to pm me atm - I got my hands full just now with a newly born baby just back from the hospital) Nym

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 16:55:

Nym the standard you set in your post which looks like being able to run every profession for UW and DoA and bits of FoW is just to much. Alot of our members don't have those characters with that much progression. aslong as you have about 2-3 chars to reroll to I think he would be fine no need to have every single proffesion rdy for every sc.

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 20:05:

Trialed and invited!

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 22:54:

Thnx for the quick replies. Will start working on an assasin first, and get my other chars tweaked up. After that a paragon, and a mes. Enjoyed playing GvG today btw. Gr, Phlog.

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