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Sat 12 Dec 2009, 02:59:

Well, im a pretty experienced player..been playing gw off and on for almost four years.. I have a lvl 20-ele..war..monk..ranger..derv...necro...sin(i dont perma).. i am quite exp in pve and i even did alittle bit of pvp-r6 hero Im not very good at discribing myself but im pretty sure if you pm me in game and check out my hom youll get to know the type of player i am!---ign Deity of hera

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 03:09:

Need to fill this out in your post:

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 03:28:

1-yes i agree 2-no 3-no 4-3092hr-40months 5-every day ranging from 1-10hrs a day(depends on work schedule) 6-Deity of Hera-monk..tyron biggems-ele..reaper of minnons-nec sgt slayer of men-derv...rambo they slayer-war..rogue storm trapper-ranger 7.beat all for campaigns with monk and warror 8.-alot on both monk and warrior..and only a few on others 9-5 max titles (not a title grinder) 10-Eotn titles 11-I am an exp pver..i can do alot of things im a pretty vestile player looking for a challenge 12-i would like to have an in-game interview(show my hom and my character that will be the best way to determine i believe)

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 08:54:

The way we check if applicants are fit for snow is by the application form first. Once u have 4 yesses from officers (w/o a no), u get a trial. If u succeed ur welcome to join SNOW. The trial usually always is something HM (of course)

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 11:13:

Yes w/ trial

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 11:24:

Yes from me with trial Jase *de *pa

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 12:20:

3rd Yes

Sat 12 Dec 2009, 14:14:

Yar. PM officer for trial.

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