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Rum's Application

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Wed 29 Sep 2010, 02:11:

1. Have you read and do you agree to play within our Guild Rules? Yes 2. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave? Yes, left about 9 months ago, had many changes in real life and did not have time to play for a while (got engaged, changed colleges, moved twice, changed job a bit time consuming) 3. Have you previously been in an Alliance in which SNOW was an Ally? If so, which Guild / Alliance and why did you leave? N/A 4. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played). 3,993hours over 36 months 5. How regularly do you play? (Which days / hours per week) between 2 to 5 hours daily 6. List the In-Game Names (IGN's) and classes of ALL your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding. Spirits made of rum - Rit Longisland Ice Tea – Monk Bacardi and Color – para Bacardi and coke – War The Godchild – Necro Mightyy Mouse – Mes Rum Straight Up – ele Rum and Amarreto – derv Bacardi Andcoke – rang Bacardi Straight – Sin 7. Which of these characters have completed any or all of the 4 campaigns \ expansions in Normal Mode? (Completed = Protector title) P = prohphecies F = Factions N = Nightfall E = EotN Spirits made of rum – F/E Longisland Ice Tea – P/F/N/E Bacardi and Color – F Bacardi and coke – F/N The Godchild – F/N /E Rum Straight Up – F Rum and Amarreto – P/F/N/E Bacardi Andcoke – P/F Bacardi Straight – P/F/N/E 8. How many fully ruined, skilled and equipped heroes does each character have? (26 maximum per character) Rum and Amarreto plus Bacardi Straight both have the three necros fully ruined and equipped rest are only partially 9. How many and which MAX titles does each of your characters have? Max Luxon Bacardi Straight – 27 titles –legendary guardian, skill hunter, vanquisher, cartographer – all eotn titles, sunspear, lightbringer Other characters have a few non skill related titles maxed but none have a skill only title other than luxon maxed 10. Which titles are you working on at the moment? sweet, lucky, unlucky, drunkard, wisdom, treasure hunter, kursick protector for all characters 11. What can YOU do for SNOW? Active players and enjoy trying new challenges as well as familiar with most missions and areas. I have been away long enough that I do not know the new speed clears, believe FoW manlyspike is the only one that might still be similar. I am very interested in farming kursik faction. 12. Anything else you think we should know? Friendly player and like participating in guild/alliance activities :D

Wed 29 Sep 2010, 07:26:

Yes from me. 1/4

Wed 29 Sep 2010, 08:34:

Haha, Kim! true :X

Wed 29 Sep 2010, 08:46:


Wed 29 Sep 2010, 11:57:

Yup 3/4

Wed 29 Sep 2010, 15:33:

4/4 PM any officer ingame for a trial :)

Wed 29 Sep 2010, 22:36:

Trialled and invited

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