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sanchit13's Application

by sanchit13, 6 posts since Wed 29 Feb 2012, 23:35
Have you been a member of SNOW before?No
If 'yes', when and why did you leave?
I 'm not in snow.
How long have you been playing GW for? [i](type /age in-game for hours played. Enter full amount of hours, without commas.)[/i]826
What titles are you working on at the moment?
I just started this game recently, So I dont have any titles really. Some high ranks but not all titles. I'm working on Codex and Zaishen. Along with some title tracks like vanguard, norn, asuran on my ritualist as it is my main.
Any in-game experience/skill that would improve your application?
I'm into SC'ing and I would join sc's. I would also help out others if help is required.
Anything else that you'd like us to know?
I'm a kind and awesome guy =3.
Wed 29 Feb 2012, 23:35:

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Thu 1 Mar 2012, 07:28:

We're mainly a titles based guild and don't really focus on speed clears. Having said that a number of the guild do SoOsc and Bogroots SC fairly regularly and the ally do UW, FoW and DoA speedclears. To be able to participate in DoA you'd need to reroll a Mesmer or Monk or order to be able to learn it. We also don't do PvP as we're a PvE based guild although I number of people are doing RA. If you're still interested in joining given this information I'll give you a chance 1/4.

Thu 1 Mar 2012, 11:49:

I think Zara explained my concerns as well. However, if you're still interested, I'd like to see a bit more of your characters finish up their campaigns a bit. Otherwise 2/4

Thu 1 Mar 2012, 17:16:

All of my other characters except my ritualist were made for SC'ing because I really need to earn money in order to get some titles. My main is my ritualist and I plan to get all titles on him and I understand you're a PvE guild. I dont really PVP Much, I'm a pve guy but I was doing it to get the 3 points in hom. I just recently hit 30/50 in HoM and I'm still going headstrong! Thanks for the opinions guys! And I'm more interested in UW/FOW than DoA for SC's. But I'm willing to make a mesmer if it's urgent.

Thu 1 Mar 2012, 20:03:

3/4 :D

Thu 1 Mar 2012, 22:17:

Well I will go with what everyone else has said and mentioned. 4/4

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