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Soul's Request

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Wed 31 Mar 2010, 17:14:

Hello, I'm 19 yrs old student from Czech Republic, I like GW, Music, friends, skiing, swimming, etc. :) How long have you been playing GW for? Have been playing over 2k hours for 3yrs including a 1 year break How regularly do you play? Depends on school, I'm usually playing in the evening at the weekends List the In-Game Names (IGN's) and classes of ALL your LEVEL 20 characters. Soul Hunter Cze - R/any, my main char, wanna finish GWAMM with him, have some fancy stuff on him, He has loads of leather bound books :) Shroa Bovak - D/any, all campaigns completed Hidden One Cze - A/any, he was farmer, not played very much nowadays Sear Ka - Mo/any, my first Survivor attempt - haven't done because of laggs Vlush Tof Ka - Me/Mo, my second survivor attempt - haven't done because of laggs again, almost not played since How many fully runed, skilled and equipped heroes does each character have? Ranger - 24 Dervish - 2 monks (Tahlkora, Dunkoro), necro (Master) and ele (Vekk) Monk - ele (Vekk) and monk (Dunkoro) Which titles are you working on at the moment? Working on vanquish of Tyria and cantha What can I do for [SNOW]? I don't wanna do vanqs alone, nor the UW's, FoW's and stuff, I want Friendly community so I can be it's valid member :) I have read and I do agree with the rules.

Wed 31 Mar 2010, 21:48:

Yes from me.

Wed 31 Mar 2010, 21:53:

Yes from me 2 2/4 <3 im a swimmer 2 xD *mo *mo

Sat 3 Apr 2010, 16:13:

Just finished vanq of Cantha :)

Sat 3 Apr 2010, 18:39:

thumbs up from me, we need more veriaty in terms of main characters, seems everyone in SNOW atm is either a monk rit or dervish.. ranger would bring some new light into the guild ;]

Sat 3 Apr 2010, 18:45:

Yes from me. PM Officer for Trial :)

Tue 6 Apr 2010, 18:54:

Trialled and invited.

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