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Sugar's Application

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Sun 11 Sep 2011, 15:12:

1. Have you read and do you agree to play within our Guild Rules? Yes 2. Have you been a member of SNOW before? If so when and why did you leave? Never have been a member before :) 3. Have you previously been in an Alliance in which SNOW was an Ally? If so, which Guild / Alliance and why did you leave? No I haven't 4. How long have you been playing GW for? (type /age in-game for hours played). For 33 months 5. How regularly do you play? (Which days / hours per week) I play everyday, but mostly on wednesdays, thursdays and the weekends. 6. List the In-Game Names (IGN's) and classes of ALL your LEVEL 20 characters. The more character classes you have which are able to play HM the better the chance of your application succeeding. Miss Sugar Thighs Lovely Wj Luthielle Grimoire Eeva Alexis Theia Sugerkiss Marissa Honeylips Annaleia Ajna Saskia Sweetblade (going for survivor) 7. Which of these characters have completed any or all of the 4 campaigns \ expansions in Normal Mode? (Completed = Protector title) Only Miss Sugar Thighs has the full protectors title. Other characters have finished the campaigns and expansions but not necessarily all the bonus achievements. 8. How many fully runed, skilled and equipped heroes does each character have? (26 maximum per character) Miss Sugar Thighs = 9 Lovely Wj = 5 Luthielle Grimoire = 3 Eeva Alexis = 4 Theia Sugerkiss = 3 Marissa Honeylips = 5 Annaleia Ajna = 4 *note* 90% of all my heroes have weapons and attribute runes. Just not -fully- runed. 9. How many and which MAX titles does each of your characters have? Miss Sugar Thighs = 25 (slayer of all, secret agent, legendary delver, not too shabby, legendary spearmarshal, holy lightbringer, guardian of elona/cantha/tyria, lengendary vanquisher, legendary skill hunter, legendary guardian, legendary cartographer) Lovely Wj = 4 (legendary delver, protector of cantha/tyria, tyrian grandmaster cartographer) Luthielle Grimoire = none x) Eeva Alexis = 1 (guardian of cantha) Theia Sugerkiss = 0 Marissa Honeylips = 1 (protector of cantha) Annaleia Ajna = 0 10. Which titles are you working on at the moment? Basically all my titles I'm working on are on Miss Sugar Thighs. Sweets title, party title and eventually GWAMM somehow. I'm also working on legendary defender of Ascalon on Vyxen Honeydrops and survivor on Saskia Sweetblade 11. What can YOU do for SNOW? I like meeting people and making friends. I really dislike playing alone. I'm always willing to heal if there is a shortage on monks. 12. Anything else you think we should know? My favourite dungeon is catacombs of kathandrax? xD I'm not sure if that applies to anything... But I love doing fissure of woe (speed clears) and underworld.

Sun 11 Sep 2011, 15:16:

1/4 from meee

Sun 11 Sep 2011, 15:20:

Looks good! 2/4

Sun 11 Sep 2011, 15:32:

Here's 3/4

Sun 11 Sep 2011, 17:04:


Sun 11 Sep 2011, 22:58:

I recognise those character names from somewhere Nym

Mon 12 Sep 2011, 03:47:

Sorry, but who do I PM in game? :)

Mon 12 Sep 2011, 03:53:

You should be able to pm any officer that's online, or if you want you can leave your guild and an officer can send you an invite if you're offline :D

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