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Synikal's Application

by Synikal, 7 posts since Mon 17 Oct 2011, 18:48
Have you been a member of SNOW before?No
If 'yes', when and why did you leave?
Applicant made no comment
How long have you been playing GW for? [i](type /age in-game for hours played. Enter full amount of hours, without commas.)[/i]2
What titles are you working on at the moment?
Legendary Vanquisher, Grandmaster Cartographer, Drunkard, LotP, Kurz/Lux, etc.
Any in-game experience/skill that would improve your application?
I've done countless UW/FoW SC's and am very knowledgeable about Guild Wars in general. I've played since Beta and will be playing Guild Wars 2 when it is released.
Anything else that you'd like us to know?
I love to help people with their problems in and out of game. I try to give advice as much as I can and like to resolve issues when the situation presents itself. I had been in Lost and the YUM alliance for over a year, and follow/understand the alliance rules, and will follow the rules set by SNOW. Thanks and hopefully I can join your great guild!
Mon 17 Oct 2011, 18:48:

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Mon 17 Oct 2011, 18:58:

Was I member of Lost, would like to join SNOW and rejoin the Ally. Recognise the name from AC and spoken to them in game. So 1/4 from me.

Mon 17 Oct 2011, 19:16:


Mon 17 Oct 2011, 21:49:


Mon 17 Oct 2011, 21:55:

hmm I am undecided. Can someone fill me in as to why Lost is no longer in the alliance? If Delta has no issues then I am willing to give them a chance... no ill feelings intended but I would like to make sure that there isn't a bad reason why Lost disappeared before extending an invite. Nym

Mon 17 Oct 2011, 22:08:

Delta had 4 guilds apply to join the Ally. He had one space open and needed to find 3 more spaces. So he took the decision to kick Lost as they were inactive. Kill and Fury will also be kicked shortly as they too have become inactive. Delta has requested that the remaining guilds pick up and integrate any members from these three guilds who wish to remain in the Ally. Hope this helps.

Mon 17 Oct 2011, 22:17:

ok I am willing to give them a chance - as long as they are aware that we have the strictest rules in the entire alliance with regards to things like bad language etc. much stricter than Yum and AC. 4/4 Nym

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