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Wed 2 Feb 2011, 04:29 in MTSC remembering the HM
Might be a few minutes late, but this is late enough I shouldn't have any problems getting there rea ...
Mon 31 Jan 2011, 08:55 in MTSCing to max our titles
If you're still forming after like 15-20 minutes I'll join up when I get home.
Wed 26 Jan 2011, 00:40 in MTSC's Got Talent
I can't come since my computer is being a huge pain right now and I need to figure out how to fix it ...
Mon 24 Jan 2011, 04:05 in Superbowl Party HM
[quote=Georgina Pious] Tell me which day it is and i will send my congratulations but i will not be ...
Thu 20 Jan 2011, 06:14 in MTSC because K & P are nubs :P HM
What he meant to say, was that Kim will decapitate you if you don't stay for at least two runs.
Wed 12 Jan 2011, 15:14 in MTSCing with the Stars
Double post sorta, my bad. Anyways since in some stupid world someone decided I should have school ...
Wed 12 Jan 2011, 04:24 in MTSCing with the Stars
Might be a couple minutes late as I said for today, but I should be there very close to on time.
Tue 11 Jan 2011, 05:46 in MTSC is win
Mr Moo, I hate your times now. If you start as late as we have been, and still need another scythe, ...
Mon 10 Jan 2011, 05:20 in MTSC the Third Edition
That's an hour after I get out of school, so I should be home and able to play by then, but if I'm n ...
Sat 8 Jan 2011, 21:19 in Cookies are Yumway HM
I'd be interested in learning the A/D, but if someone who knows what they're doing wants to go they ...

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